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Fothergill Research Award

The Bartram Trail Conference is now accepting applications for its Fothergill Research Award. One or more fellowships of $500 are awarded annually to an advanced graduate student or recent Ph.D. whose research promises to lead to publication, book, article, dissertation, or other substantive product in studies related to William Bartram. Appropriate areas of scholarship include but are not limited to the natural sciences, history of science, literary studies, journalism, history, biography, archaeology, art, photography and ethnohistory. Recipients are asked to make a informal report on work to be published in BTC newsletter, The Traveller and/or presented at biennial meeting of the BTC (at discretion of program committee). Deadline for receipt of applications is May 31, 2012. The award is for use in 2012–2013. For more information and to receive an application form, please contact Chuck Spornick, phone: (404) 641–7492, email

Past recipients of the Fothergill Research Award

2001–2002: Jeff Schenck, University of Georgia, M.A. Journalism. Award for a series of articles in Georgia newspapers about Bartram’s trail.

2002–2003: Matthew H. Jennings, University of Illinois, Ph.D. History. Award used to support dissertation research: “’This Country is wroth the trouble of going to war to keep it’: Cultures of violence in the American Southeast to 1740.”

2003–2004: Elizabeth Fairhead, Michigan State University, Ph.D. History. Award used to support dissertation research: “Botanical Academy of Pennsylvania: William Bartram and Natural History in Philadelphia, 1800–1815.”

2004–2005: Amie Fletcher, Auburn University, Ph.D. English. Award used to support disseration research on Bartram’s Travels and other late eighteenth–century literature in the Atlantic world.

2005–2006: Jane Anne Blakney–Bailey, University of Florida, Ph.D. Archaeology. “Foodways as a Measure of Culture Change: An Archaeological Case Study of Creek and Seminole Life.”

2007: Joel T. Fry, Bartram’s Gardens, Independent Scholar. Award used to assist development of a botanical index for William Bartram’s manuscripts.

2008: Michele Currie Navakas, University of California, Irvine, Ph.D. Literature. Award to support dissertation: “Founding Florida: Language and geography at the edge of America.”

2009: Brad Sanders, Independent Scholar. Award to support redesign of BTC website.

2010: Simon Finger, Princeton, Ph.D. Award to support revision of his dissertation, “Epidemic Contitutions: Public Health and Political Culture in the Port of Philadlephia, 1735–1800.”

2011: John Hall, Naturalist and author. Award used to support funding to help complete a book–length photo–essay of the environments that William Bartram visited to be co–written with photographer Beth Young.

The Land Trust for the Little Tennessee, based in Franklin, NC [about four blocks up hill from the mound of Nikwasi (Bartram's Nucasse)], recently announced that it has acquired a  "working farm conservation easement" on the Spring Ridge Dairy—one of the largest riverfront farms at the head of the valley." The dairy lies close by the spot where Bartram entered the "Vale of Cowe," forded a "delightful brook, the water of the Tanase" (the Little Tennessee River), and looked out on "the opening of the extensive and fruitful vale."  The easement will protect the area from development. To learn more about the Land Trust for the Little Tennessee and their work, visit their site at

New Georgia Encyclopedia: The on-line encyclopedia has posted a biography of William Bartram, written by Dr. Edward J. Cashin. The article may be found at

On-line exhibit features Bartram. Bartram is featured in the American Philosophical Society's on-line exhibit: "Scientific Views of the Colonial American South." To view the Bartram page, visit; 
The exhibition home page is located at;

Bartram's Travels is available on-line at the University of North Carolina's DocSouth Collection. The electronic edition of Travels may be found at

BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR NEWS ARTICLES TO Kathryn Braund or Brad Sanders for inclusion on the web site as well as the BTC newsletter.

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