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William Bartram was America’s first native bornnaturalist/artist and the first author in the modern genre of writers who portrayed nature through personal experience as well as scientific observation. Bartram’s momentous southern journey took him from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains to Florida, through the southeastern interior all the way to the Mississippi River. His work thus provides descriptions of the natural, relatively pristine eighteenth-century environment of eight modern states: North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee. William Bartram published an account of his adventure in 1791.

It quickly became an American classic and Bartram's Travels has been described by one scholar as the most astounding verbal artifact of the early republic.
Bartram's book became an immediate success in Europe where it influenced the romantic poets and armchair travelers who savored the descriptions of exotic, sub-tropical Florida as well as the relatively unexplored southeastern interior.

Particularly enlightening and appealing were Bartram's accounts of the Seminole, Creek and Cherokee Indians. During the first quarter of the 19th century William Bartram became the grand old man of American natural science, advising and mentoring the first generation of naturalists who were beginning to explore the new territories being added to the young nation.

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Finding Bartram in Today's World
This interactive project created by University of Georgia New Media Institute students looks at the many facets of William Bartram's legacy.  

The 2019 Bartram Trail Conference

will be held in Montgomery, Alabama!

October 25–27, 2019

Check back for details.

The Bartram Trail Conference will hold its biennial meeting on October 25 & 26 in Montgomery, Alabama. The BTC was established in 1976 and has roots in the Montgomery community. The public is invited to all events, including an opening reception and film premier as well as a one-day symposium on Bartram. 

The BTC will kick off the gathering Friday evening, October 25th, with the premiere of "Cultivating the Wild," an environmental advocacy documentary based on Bartram's exploration, followed by a catered barbeque and music on the steps of the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

On Saturday, October 26th, the BTC will host a symposium featuring presentations by leading scholars on Bartram, including his tour of the Creek towns in the 1770s, his travel through the present state of Alabama, and his botanical and zoological observations. The program will also include presentations on artifacts associated with Bartram held in the Museum of Alabama, followed by a guided tour of the exhibits there. 

The reception and film premiere begin at 5PM on the evening of Friday the 25th. The symposium begins on Saturday at 9 AM; walkthroughs of the Museum of Alabama Start at 2:30 PM, with refreshments and lunch provided. The gathering concludes with a dinner and keynote address by historian Daniel Brooks on Saturday evening, Oct. 26th. All activities are open to the public but registration is required for all events/meals either as a package or for specific events.

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The Bartram Trail Conference, Inc., founded in 1976, has sought to identify and mark Bartram’s southern journey and works to promote interest in developing recreational trails and botanical gardens along the route. The BTC also seeks to encourage the study, preservation and interpretation of the William Bartram heritage at both cultural and natural sites in Bartram Trail states.

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